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Let’s Go Outside: The 5 Best Dog Walking Spots In The Twin Cities

Minneapolis and Saint Paul’s parks have regularly ranked very high on a nationwide scale. Whether you (and your dog) prefer the structure of a leashed walk or the adventure of a dog park, the Twin Cities has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor opportunities.


Located in Saint Paul, this park has almost everything. Paved trails, a lake, and a variety of outdoor areas to hang with your pup. If your dog is energetic, this park is a great option for a jog or even a run alongside a bike. Be sure to keep your dog on a secure leash though; the park attracts a lot of wildlife!


Right next to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnehaha is a wonderful off-leash area for your dog to explore. A long and sandy beach area is perfect for strong swimmers fetching balls, or just cooling off on a hot summer day. Minnehaha Park is also nearby and you can stop for a bite to eat at Sea Salt (they have a dog-friendly patio) or walk the trails with your furry pal on-leash.

* Licensing with the city of Minneapolis is required to visit Minnehaha dog park.


Personally my favorite dog park, Battle Creek boasts several ponds, unpaved trails, and an abundance of wooded areas. Clocking in at 35 acres, this park is for the seasoned park visiting pooch. Ducks and geese frequent the ponds along with deer and other wildlife for your dog to sniff out. If the magnitude of the off-leash area wasn’t enough, the park also features paved trails as well. This short video from MN Dog Lover TV has info from park-goers and a few of our client’s dogs as well! Pro tip: Keep an eye out for wild raspberries in the summer near the north end of the dog park by Upper Afton Road.


The largest lake in Minneapolis, Bde Maka Ska has paved trails and is a perfect place for a young dog to socialize with new people. Also great for jogging or grabbing some food to share with your dog, there’s a lot to sniff and do around the lake. Bring a picnic or a hammock and spend the day!


Just across the river from downtown Saint Paul, Harriet Island Park has some of the best views of the city. Paved trails and Raspberry Island are great spots for dogs to smell around. Pack a Kong and stay for a movie as parks all over the Twin Cities screen movies for free every summer.

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