Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: My dog wasn't a good fit for daycare. Can you walk them?

    Yes! We happily walk several dogs who weren’t good candidates for being grouped with other dogs in an off-leash setting. While we do offer dog parks, leashed walks are a better fit for some dogs who need structure and trusted dog friends to walk with on a regular basis.

  • Q: Do you offer individual or one-on-one walks?

    We aren’t able to offer leashed walks or dog park visits on an individual basis, but our potty breaks are always one-on-one, so no other dogs are present.

  • Q: How do you decide which dogs will walk together?

    We group dogs based on their size, temperament, and age. Some older dogs do not mind young dogs but if they’re not a fan, we’ll make sure to choose walking friends that have complimentary personalities. Dogs must be at least 50% of their friend’s weight; a 30 pound dog can walk with a 60 pound dog, for example. Similarly, if any two dogs are extremely playful together, they might be great walking buddies for a dog park visit but not good candidates for leashed walks together.

  • Q: How many dogs will you walk at a time?

    In order to keep ratios low so we can meet and exceed all dog’s needs, we limit ourselves to no more than 6 dogs per walking group.

  • Q: My dog has a history of biting people/dogs. Can you accommodate their needs?

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide service to any dog who has bitten a person. Of course puppies will mouth and are still learning good bite inhibition, so we are able to care for those who are still learning. Dogs who have a history of biting other dogs may be accepted on a case-by-case basis; please reach out and we’ll evaluate the extent of your dog’s needs.

  • Q: I'd like to start walks immediately. Can you start tomorrow?

    We take your dog’s safety and our safety very seriously, so we ask that all dogs are evaluated in person prior to scheduling any walks or pet sitting. Through our intake process we ask several questions about your dog so there are no surprises. We also like establishing new best friend status with your dog by bringing treats!

  • Q: What is your intake process?

    Once you’ve reached out to us we typically respond within 24 hours, barring weekends or holidays. We then schedule an in-home meeting to get to know your dog(s) and ask questions. We’re also there to answer any questions you may have so we’re on the same page. After that, your dog enters a trial period of 1-2 weeks so we can assess your dog’s behavior and make changes to their walking group as needed. Setting up dogs for success is what we do best!

  • Q: What questions do you ask at the in-home meeting?

    Everything from roadkill snacking to car rides; we want to know all about your dog so their first walks are successful and we aren’t met with any unplesant surprises. Will your dog ignore a squirrel but try to eat a bunny? Does your dog enjoy rolling in mud or are they meticulously clean? Will they come when called or do they need cheese to get their attention? We aim to be knowledgeable in all things!

  • Q: Where do you walk dogs?

    We typically walk dogs in areas where dogs are most successful. Parks and residential neighborhoods are most common for leashed walks. During dog park visits, we elect to visit High Bridge Dog Park for dogs who are still learning a solid recall, or Battle Creek Dog Park for dogs who like to swim and stay close to their pack.

  • Q: How do you transport dogs?

    While in the car, all dogs are kenneled in hard crates to ensure their safety and that playtime does not occur during vehicle operation.

  • Q: Do you carry insurance? Are you bonded?

    We are both insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. Our insurance covers incidents such as lost house keys, injury, illness, or property damage/loss during service.

  • Q: I'm traveling and my dog is more comfortable at home. How do overnight visits work?

    Our overnight service extends from 7pm to 7am, and includes maintainance of your home. Mail is picked up, plants are watered, pets are fed and played with. We make sure that your pet’s routines are followed so they’ll be comfortable while you’re away.

  • Q: Can you take care of my other pets while I'm on vacation?

    Yes, we’d love to! While our passion is caring for dogs, we also love cats, as well as other non-fuzzy pets. Check out our vacation visits for more info!

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