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Pandemic Response: Working from Home…Now What?

Working from home with your dog doesn’t have to feel like you’re doing two jobs at once. With a little bit of preparation and some willpower, you’ll successfully be able to get work done and enjoy a relaxed evening with your best buddy.


Start your day with a walk or vigorous play session with your dog…or both! You’ll benefit from taking the edge off their energy and will prepare them for the work day. Kongs and other puzzle toys are best utilized when you’re in a meeting or need to focus uninterrupted. Feeding Fido their meals in a kong after exercise is a great way to get some quiet time.

Alternatively, utilizing your network of pet care providers can be a lifesaver. With safety guidelines now in place, doggy daycares and dog walkers are prepared to provide service again. Planning ahead for a busy workday by sending your dog to daycare or on a dog walk with a professional will help you and your dog in the long run.


Your dog looks forward to a routine; it doesn’t have to be strict but setting a loose schedule gives you and your dog something to look forward to! Take frequent breaks from staring at your screen for a little play session or some doggy yoga. Goof around in the yard after lunch to prepare for the final hours of the work day.


Follow the sample routine below and tweak as needed. Every situation and dog are different so stay flexible and don’t be afraid to try new things.

  • Engage with your dog first thing in the morning and go for a walk, play, or cuddle. Whatever their favorite activity may be, make it the start to your day.
  • Feed them breakfast in a kong or a puzzle toy. This gives you the opportunity to start your work day without interruption.
  • Take short breaks to let them outside and engage in brief play or training sessions. Some dogs prefer working for treats over chasing a toy around. The opportunity to teach them new tricks is also a great way to pass the time and wear them out!
  • Over lunch, take another brief walk or do an activity with your dog. The aforementioned play sessions or doggy yoga are great ideas for moving your body while engaging your dog.
  • The afternoon can be a mix of all of the above or a good time to utilize your network depending on your workload. Whatever you decide, end the work day with your favorite thing to do with your dog to unwind.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve changed your work routine.

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